The magic of theatre: it has the power to transform an audience, an individual, or en masse, to transform them and give them an epiphanal experience that changes their life, opens their hearts and their mind and the way they think.” —Brian Stokes Mitchell

At Merit Theatre Company, we believe in the power of story. While we do offer entertainment, we go a step further by telling stories and staging productions that have the power to inspire and transform. Artistic experiences like these are transcendent, touching the heart to offer hope, healing, inspiration, and joy, and making a lasting impact.


Striving for the highest level of quality in every area, we are committed to providing a safe and uplifting environment for our participants and patrons; offering opportunities to local artists of all ages to develop talent; and creating art that is not only entertaining and family-friendly, but also important, intentional, and intimate. We are also passionate about producing new works and looking for new ways to be innovative and relevant. Ultimately, we desire to make a difference in the lives of all those who play a part in a Merit production, from audience member to cast member.


While based in Northern Kentucky, we currently perform at venues in the Cincinnati area, due to lack of an adequate performance space in Northern Kentucky. While still serving the arts community in the tri-state area, our long-term goal at Merit is to own a performing arts center to call home in Northern Kentucky, offering full seasons of Merit productions (including musicals, plays, and concerts); educational classes and workshops; and more.


Each season will include a variety of high quality, family-friendly productions that our patrons can count on to both entertain and uplift; and through educational classes, workshops, and camps we would offer a safe space for local talent of all ages and experience levels to learn, grow, and be nurtured and equipped as artists. 


Want to play a part? There are several ways you can participate: by becoming a patron or corporate sponsor; auditioning or volunteering; or even simply by subscribing to our mailing list.