Directed by Leah Perry

Produced by Benjamin & Kaitlyn Iocco

Conducted by Benjamin Price

Vocal Direction by Carter Perry

Choreographed by Jerry & Mia Armelli

and Danielle Ashley





Audition Requirements:

  • Please prepare a dramatic one-minute monologue and 16–32 bars of a musical theatre song in the style of the show.

  • Select pieces that are age and era appropriate and that best showcase your acting and vocal abilities.

  • An accompanist will be provided. No accompaniment tracks or singing acapella.


Please Bring:

  • Sheet music in the correct key with your cuts clearly marked.

  • A completed audition form and a list of known conflicts between May 22–July 11. No conflicts will be accepted after July 11.

  • A resume listing theatrical experience with a recent headshot.


Callbacks will be held on Wednesday, May 6, from 7:15–9:30pm and consist of readings from the script and singing for specific roles. If you do not receive a callback, that does not mean you will not be cast.


Auditions and callbacks will be held at the Dance Center in Independence, KY (5263 Madison Pike). Please park across the street from the studio.


Save These Dates:

  • Read Through: May 22 @ 7pm

  • Rehearsals Begin: May 26 @ 7pm

  • Performances: July 17-25

    • Friday, July 17, @ 7:30pm

    • Saturday, July 18, @ 2pm & 7:30pm

    • Sunday, July 19, @ 3pm

    • Thursday, July 23, @ 7:30pm

    • Friday, July 24, @ 7:30pm

    • Saturday, July 25, @ 2pm


Rehearsals will be held at Indiana Wesleyan University’s Florence Education and Conference Center in Florence, KY (600 Meijer Dr. Suite 200), on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 7–9:30pm (not everyone will be called to every rehearsal).


Performances will be held at the Anderson Center Theater (7850 Five Mile Road, Cincinnati, OH 45230).



Jane Eyre (age 20s–30s): A strong young woman who is outwardly quiet, watchful, and shy. Her beauty does not come from her physical appearance, but rather from her character, intellect, and faith. Alto/mezzo, vocal range: F#3–E5


Edward Fairfax Rochester (age late 20s–early 40s): Jane’s employer and the master of Thornfield, Rochester is an intelligent and passionate man with a dark secret; prickly and demanding but has a keen sense of humor and engaging personality. Baritone, vocal range: B2–G4


Mrs. Fairfax (age 50+): Rochester’s elderly relation and the housekeeper of Thornfield Hall who is fussy, talkative, and kindhearted. Alto, vocal range: F3–C5


Blanche Ingram (age 20–30): The clever, sophisticated, and stunningly beautiful woman who is to be married to Rochester. She is witty and graceful but also possesses a stunning voice. Soprano, vocal range: B3–B5


Richard Mason (age late 30s–early 50s): A well-educated gentleman who shares a secret with Rochester. He has been worn down by life. Tenor, vocal range: C3–G4


Mrs. Reed (age 40–50): Jane’s cruel aunt who raises her at Gateshead Hall until Jane is sent away to school.


John Reed (age early teens): Jane’s cousin, Mrs. Reed’s son, and brother to Eliza and Georgiana. John treats Jane with cold cruelty during their childhood.


Young Jane Eyre (age 9–13): Full of soul, she is strong and longs to be free. Alto/mezzo, vocal range: D4–D5


Helen Burns (age 12–16): A girl of calm and spiritual demeanor. She is intellectually and spiritually engaging and teaches young Jane her most important lesson in life. Mezzo/soprano, vocal range: A3–C5


Mr. Brocklehurst (age 40+): The owner of Lowood School, an imposing and frightening figure to Young Jane; cold-eyed, zealous, and pontifical. Vocal range: D3–G4


Miss Scatcherd (age 40+): A teacher at Lowood, she is a hard-faced and embittered woman whose nature has been warped by dogged obedience to Mr. Brocklehurst and a natural distrust of anything unusual or imaginative. Vocal range: D4–D5


Adèle (age 6–12): Jane’s pupil at Thornfield and Rochester’s ward. She is a lively though somewhat spoiled child from France.


Robert: The butler at Thornfield, he is dry and intelligent, and a martyr to Mrs. Fairfax's whims. An understanding and reliable servant to Rochester.


St. John (pronounced Sin-jin) Rivers (age 20s–30s): The young curate of the parish of Gateshead who serves as Jane’s benefactor after she runs away from Thornfield, he is passionately devoted to his duty. Tenor/baritone, vocal range: C3–G4


A small but active ensemble of servants, young schoolgirls, upper class, and more.


Some roles may double.

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